A message to abusers and the abused…


00:00 God himself holds all human authorities 00:02 accountable and will judge all who abuse 00:06 their authority in Psalm 10 and this is 00:10 throughout scripture but in Psalm 10 00:11 beginning in verse 12 and following God 00:14 says listen I will break the arm of the 00:18 person who’s attacking others and in the 00:21 end the psalmist says God I know that 00:24 you are going to destroy those who bring 00:27 terror on the earth who exercise 00:29 violence can I say if you’re here this 00:32 morning and you have been or are being 00:35 abused your hope is found in the 00:38 character of God in His justice nothing 00:42 has escaped his notice and nothing will 00:45 go unpunished and if you’re the abuser 00:49 as with all sinners your only hope is 00:52 found in the grace of God in Jesus 00:54 Christ there may be temporal 00:56 consequences to your sin but the eternal 00:59 consequences can be erased in a moment 01:03 if you are willing to turn from your sin 01:05 and embrace Jesus Christ by faith if 01:09 you’re a Christian would you please 01:11 consider liking subscribing or sharing 01:13 this video if however you’re a pagan 01:15 please get saved and then like subscribe 01:21 or share this video

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