The web is becoming anti-Christian.

We all know the big websites- Google, Facebook, Wikipedia… There’s a lot.

However, they are ALL going anti-Christian.

Back in 2015, Facebook refused to take down a group called “Death to Israel”. Whaaaaa?

Google once had a slogan “Don’t be evil” but has since removed it.

Wikipedia “proudly” supports the LGBTQ+ community.

All these big companies have one thing in common- they hate Christians.

Over 1.75bn people use Facebook. That’s a lot. And from all those people, Facebook has built up a face database of over 50% of everyone on Earth.

Google is the worlds most used search engine. It ranks as number 1 on Alexa.

Wikipedia, which has over 5.8 million pages, is now “proudly” supporting LGBTQ+.

Did you know that the internet was designed to survive a nuclear war? Yes, it was.

The internet is only getting bigger and more anti-Christian. That’s why we NEED to use it to spread the Gospel. It is one of the best tools for doing so.

One thought on “The web is becoming anti-Christian.

  1. Google is associated with freemasonry. Compare the envelope of gmail with the apron of freemasonry. Chrome has the symbol 666. Facebook look at the masonic cane. When you are familiar with masonic and anti-christ symbolism you’ll notice they are all around us world wide. Sometimes obvious sometimes subtle.
    I use as search engine yippy


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