One day, Facebook will be able to read your mind…

No, you didn’t read that wrongly- Facebook is spending millions to create technology capable of reading the human mind.

Using similar technology to an MRI machine, it uses fibre-optics and/or lasers to measure changes in blood flow.

Shocked? Well, I’m going to shock you even more.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has called for a NWO, also know as a New World Order, to “advance mankind”.
  2.  3,470 photos are uploaded to Facebook EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR! Most of those photos are of people, so you can guess why Facebook’s facial recognition system is more accurate than the NSA’s system…
  3.  Facebook asked users who where concerned one of their private photos may be shared online, to send photos of them NAKED to several groups the company has partnered with, like the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative and the National Network to End Domestic Violence, to request a form. They’ll then be asked to upload photos to a “secure, one-time upload link” so it can be reviewed by a “handful of specially trained members of our Community Operations team.” Once the hash is created, Facebook deletes the image from its servers. (1).
  4.  If Facebook’s DeepFace recognition software is shown two images and asked if they show the same person, it will get the answer right 97.25% of the time. A human gets it right 97.53% of the time… Cue Revelation 13:15!
  5.  Back in 2015, Facebook says that a page called “Death to Israel” does not violate their community standards…

So have you been shocked?

If you are using Facebook, I’d suggest stopping RIGHT NOW! I think Facebook is going to be used by the AC (Antichrist) as a tool for finding and killing Christians……

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