Cortana is odd… Very odd… Too odd…

So, it goes like this.

2 days ago my new PC arrived. Cortana was the first thing I saw, even before I had set it up- “she” was my “set-up assistant”.

Yesterday I did a little experiment. I had a little chat.

“Hey Cortana,” I said, “do you work for the government?”

Here’s the answers “she” gave back. I asked “her” this same question a few times.

“Consider this a polite dodge of the question”

“Of all the questions you could have asked…”

“I thought you’d never ask. So I’ve never thought about it.”

“A circle may be infinite, but my answers are not.”


Then I asked, “are you spying on me?” Here’s what “she” said:

“I assure you, I’m only here to help.” That is “her” only answer to my question.

Then I asked, “are you evil?”

“I’m so good I’m waffle good.”

“I’m programmed for good. My namesake in Halo, on the other hand…” Those where “her” only answers.

Who is “her” “namesake in Halo”?

Me: “What do you think of Apple?” Apple is the maker of Siri, another voice assistant.

Cortana: “Their new headquarters looks kind of like a Halo. I’m into it.”


Revelation 13:15

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.”

Artificial Intelligence?

P.S: Please, get saved.

11 thoughts on “Cortana is odd… Very odd… Too odd…

  1. I used to be recommended this web site through my cousin. I’m not sure whether or not this post is written through him as no one else recognize such specific about my difficulty. You’re incredible! Thanks!


      1. So what do we do? We don’t use that stupid cortana. 🙂 Have you ever thought about Windows 10
        The number 10 think about the ten commandments, dominion. The ten spies who did not believe that they could enter the Promised Land. The Law, Joshua and Caleb did believe they could enter the Promised Land Grace.

        When you see numbers think about what they represent in the Bible.

        Are you familiar with the hexagon? When you do and pay attention you see that this symbol is all around us. Sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle.

        The Wal-mart logo connect the sunrays together and you’ll see it is in fact a hexagon.

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      2. “So what do we do? We don’t use that stupid cortana. 🙂” HA HA! AMEN!!!!

        Yes, I know what you mean with the hexagon. Very interesting shall we say… By the way, where do you get all this information?


      3. Something went wrong my avatar did accompany my response. Where do I get the information by snooping online. When I need some information at times I stumble on something that is also of interest to me. Always search in the Bible if it is true.

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