Please pray for Christian David Wood because his mum and brother has died.

David Wood, long-term Christian and “Islam debunker”, has lost his mum and brother due to drugs.

His brother had taken an over dose of drugs a few days back and was in hospital. It seems that today, his heart, liver, and kidneys failed due to the drugs.

After he died, his mum took an over-dose of heroin, which killed her to.

Please, pray for David. This is a HUGE time of testing for him and his videos have really helped me stay strong in the faith.

However, this goes to show how easy it is to die and slip into eternity. I have to ask you this- if you were to die right now, would you go to Heaven or Hell?

You can become saved right now, by believing in what Jesus did for you.

5 thoughts on “Please pray for Christian David Wood because his mum and brother has died.

  1. Heavenly Father we thank you for Your finished Work in our behalf. Please empower David Wood with Your Strength and this for him so difficult time. In Lord Jesus Name we thank and pray. Amen.
    David Wood this man does know how to expose the false doctrine of islam. In debates through the grace of God he is phenominal.

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    1. He sure is Jackie! I pray he’ll be ok after all this. Before he became a Christian, he thought he could talk to ants, he tried to make bombs and almost killed his father, he almost killed himself in a “fasting competition” with one of his Christian friends- then he became a Christian and everything changed. He now preaches the Gospel and has brought hundreds, if not thousands to Christ. Amazing. Praise God!

      God bless and amen!

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