Trump says Iran has made a very big mistake…

I know I’ve made a LOT of posts on Iran vs the US, but this could of started a war! Perhaps even World War 3! Iran made a very big mistake!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 20, 2019 Yep, Trump isn’t happy with Iran AT ALL!!! He’s SO angry, that he almost killed 150 […]

Okay… The US and Iran almost went to war. Umm.

Yes, you read that right- the US and Iran came within 10 minutes of going to war. 😲😲 You see, Trump didn’t like the fact that Iran shot down one of his drones yesterday, so he wanted to pay them back. He was going to strike 3 places in Iran, even though he knew it […]

First, the Gospel.

Jesus Christ has an amazing gift for you- and guess what? IT’S FREE! However, for Him to buy it for you, He needed to die probably one of the most horrible deaths in history. So, what is this amazing, free gift? Your own Salvation!

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