Are we in the end times?

Short answer- yes!

Long answer…

28 July, 1914. This day was the day World War One started.

Since then, humans have seen many more wars.

We have seen famines, natural disasters, death, crime, terrorist attacks and much, much more.

Knife crime is on the rise- this year alone, there has been over 100 fatal stabbings.

2017 saw 5 terrorist attacks in the UK, with 36 people killed.

We really are in the end times.

The Bible says that the last days will be like the days of Noah. Cor, how true!

Thankfully, very soon every Born Again Christian will be taken up and out of here in the Rapture.

Sadly though, many people will be left to endure 7 years of the worse times in human history. This is time of Jacob’s Trouble.

I hope you have read this well.

P.S: I have just found this very interesting post. You might find it interesting…

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