Okay… The US and Iran almost went to war. Umm.

Yes, you read that right- the US and Iran came within 10 minutes of going to war. 😲😲 You see, Trump didn’t like the fact that Iran shot down one of his drones yesterday, so he wanted to pay them back.

He was going to strike 3 places in Iran, even though he knew it would kill almost 150 people!!!!!!! I mean come on! It’s like a toddler hitting his brother because his brother broke his toy plane!

Then, 10 minutes before the strike, he changed his mind and called it off! PHEW!!!! Let’s just think about this for a moment.

If Trump hadn’t changed his mind, then about 150 people would of died. Iran wouldn’t of liked this, so it would of fought back MUCH harder. Then Trump would of. Then Iran. Trump. Iran. Trum… Well, you get the idea! Then war would of broken out and many people would of died. It may of even started WW3…

Well, let’s just hope that Trump won’t try to be like the angry brother and fight back!

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